Within these pages I hope you find a wealth of ideas, styles, and genres to suit your needs.

From the cold hostility of science fiction where every colony hides the ugly truth that they are but one world against the ever-present threats of human invention, to the quirky comedy of office politics against the strangest department ever to fall under the auspice of the British Civil Service, from fairy tales turned on their conventional heads in the light of fresh storytelling to the gentle comedy of father daughter relationships amongst the most unusual settings.

Within my scripts, stories, plays and more, I hope you find each told with real emotion laid raw and characters driven to predictable reaction, and sometimes not by the evolution of circumstance or design. Characters, their emotions and realistic personalities form the heart of my stories, strong plots form the backbone, leading to compelling, original, and inventive tales that will take you on a roller coaster ride to conclusions dramatic, shocking, or heart warming.

On all pages you should find a link to samples of scripts or tales, so I hope you enjoy what you find.


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