Charlie and Sal

“Father and Daughter” (photo by Casey)


Charlie and Sal is a heart warming family story about a single dad, Sal, and the growing pains of his daughter, Charlie. Told through a fourteen year period, Sal struggles to come to terms with a rather unique, special gift Charlie has that causes difficulties every year on her birthday.

Originally conceived in the Halifax Shopping Mall in Nova Scotia, Canada, Charlie and Sal is primarily based in a Canadian Shopping Mall but could be set in any shopping mall in America, Australia, or the UK with limited script alteration.

Length: 102 pages

Time scale: the story follows Charlie’s birthdays through a 13 year period from her 4th birthday to her 17th.

Genre: modern / fantasy / family entertainment


In the sample script below, Sal tries to cover up a live unicorn running through the shopping mall whilst 6-year old Charlie sits and talks to Alex, the girl who works in a coffee shop.

Charlie and Sal sample