Killing Room

What would you do to survive?

What would you do for revenge?

Could you do the right thing?

Killing Room is the dramatization of my original stage play “Marionette” adapted to create a short 25 minute film and produced as a sample of the full story, yet told as a complete but open ended arc in its own right.

Killing Room is a modern, intense drama about betrayal, abduction, and redemption that asks the viewer to make up their own mind and not take facts for granted. Powerfully acted by a cast with considerable British television experience whilst directed, shot and sharply edited by the award winning Dream Catcher Films, Killing Room is an original take on the hostage drama.


About the film

Killing Room was pitched to Dream Catcher Films in 2011 and went through a number of finely tuned re-writes before we were happy with the finished shooting script. Casting followed, rehearsal to establish character, motivation and depth of background for the nuances required in the performances, and principal photography commenced in February 2012 in Warrington and St Helens in the North West of the UK. Shooting was originally planned for ten days but extended an extra day for pick-up shots, followed by a gracious editing period to trim the finished product to a fast paced and engaging piece of cinema.

Soundtrack was added post production to become an effective “fourth cast member” and bring the editing cuts to life and do justice to the finished product.

All materials, sets, costumes and props were donated by members of the production team and talents harnessed from all areas to assist in production.

Post film work

Once the film wrapped Marionette was adapted to a full length script. Created in a modular style of nine parts, the script can be adapted to either three part mini series or feature length production. Retaining its character driven heart and tense core storytelling, Killing Room (full length) has an extended cast, more plot threads explored and a more rounded story that still asks the viewer to engage, think, and decide for themselves who is really right and who is wrong.


In this sample taken from the short film script, Valerie the protagonist outlines her plan to Ronnie the victim before Macready, her jailor for the first time.

Killing Room sample script