Two faced

Selfish Oliver cheats a gypsy out of a conscience coin, but when he flips it, both sides of his conscience appear to guide or seduce him: but only he can hear and see them.

To make matters worse, his home improvement loan has just arrived and everyone else wants a piece…

1.5 hour comedy in two acts.

Two Faced was produced in 2008 before a live audience in the North West to great acclaim. A full length comedy play set in a young married couple’s home, this tale of conscience prompted a huge amount of feedback from appreciative audiences made to think about what they were watching and how it referenced their own lives. A moral tale hidden within the folds of fast paced comedy, Two Faced was highly regarded on every night of its premiere run.

(All photographs below taken with kind permission of the actors involved: with thanks to Carla Hay, Chris Ball, Dave Burgess and Simon Harley)

in the script sample below, Oliver tosses the coin for the first time and reveals one side of his conscience, the alluring, self serving and entirely hedonistic “Dark” and he understands that only he can see or hear her.

two faced sample