Northern Law

Meet Alex North, criminal barrister of the Northern Circuit, a man consumed by the desire to humiliate the guilty. The courts are full of rule breakers, thieves, liars and cheats, and he’s the biggest one of them all. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get caught…

Northern Law is a legal drama following the misadventures of a man prepared to break any rule and law he upholds to get his own way, settle scores and prosecute those who deserve it. Northern Law is a completed pilot episode and series projection, and casts a fresh eye on the legal dramas seen on television to date by its style, writing and presentation.


In the sample script below, the irascible acerbic Alex North waits for a verdict against his long time rival, the pompous Lionel Roxburgh, watched by the sarcastic Becca the CPS clerk, and Mr Khan, a friendly barrister from north’s chambers.


North sample