Post Mortem

When Morgen Shaw joins the mortuary, nothing prepares her for a life with the dead as a colleagues’ suicide casts a shadow that may mean the next Post Mortem she attends could be her own…

Post Mortem is a six part semi-medical drama set in a fictional mortuary. Conceived at initial concept by my life long friend and published author Kristoffer Hughes (he also provided invaluable detailed technical assistance with the creation and anatomical procedure within the scripts) I created Post Mortem at his request to enthusiastic review from a high level Television producer in London.

With completed scripts for a six part first series and projection for two more series to follow, Post Mortem lifts the lid on the taboo subject of the Mortuary, and what actually happens to those who pass for the final time between its swing doors.


In the sample text below, Morgen is barely in the door on her first day when they discover a colleague has committed suicide in the PM room. Whilst helping everyone deal with the shock and grief in their own way, the Mortuary manager, Ashram Rao (Ash) sends Morgen to help out in the kitchen, a normal action to help in abnormal times.

Post Mortem sample