Legacy Explored

Legacy Explored is the second book in the Legacy series and continues to chart the adventures of three rival Captains who race to save humanity from an extinction threatening plague.

Serena, genetically modified to physical and mental perfection, but does her emotional dependency on her crew denote a strength, or her greatest weakness?

Lazlo, ex cop, assassin and now bounty hunter with his all-male paramilitary crew but whilst he leads can he gain their respect?

Rabbit, ex British special forces turned drifter, a loner on a ship of fools that fight each other as much as the enemy.

The sequel to Legacy Engendered begins seventeen days later and all three crews are emotionally in a very different place .

For Rabbit and Lazlo, dissent breeds within their crew. Rumors of Serena’s death are unconfirmed, but if she lives, she leads the race whilst both Captains await the repair of their ships before they depart the underworld asteroid haven of Cornucopia.

On the Masquerade, Rabbit’s Captaincy is under direct threat and half his crew are vying to replace him if their luck doesn’t change.

On the Lydia, Lazlo faces his own crisis of conscience: he takes his crew into a desperate high adrenalin gamble to earn their respect at the risk of all their lives.

Meanwhile on the Halcyon, whilst searching for a means to decode the only link to the cure, Serena takes her crew into more danger than she intends- right to the heart of a world infected with the Chaos Plague.legacy explored(1)

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