30 years ago the chaos plague nearly wiped out humanity. Now our only hope for a cure rests in a ship lost in time.
Whoever finds the ship controls the cure, and whoever controls the cure can name their price.
Three ships, three Captains, one prize.
Pick your winner and place your bets.
The race is on…


from humble beginnings…

Legacy started life as a science fiction series of scripts written on the advice “sometimes it’s just good to write for the sake of writing, even if its for an audience of one”.

Over time, Legacy became so much more, invested with a personality and emotional significance.

Welcome to science fiction at it’s grandest, a complex story of human emotions, rivalries, and “a sheer breadth of imagination” as described by one reviewer.


From script to projected novel series, Legacy has been created during the last five years and like all projects has been re-edited and streamlined to make the story as accessible and easy to read as possible. A grand scale story with a human heart, Legacy asks the reader to invest in the characters, to like some, or all, or maybe just a few of its eclectic cast, and decide for yourself who you would back, and which crew you would like to be on, if it were possible to step into the pages of the stories.


As a writer, Legacy fits more in with the hard realistic gritty science fiction of recent movies and certain fast paced television series. Unfortunately, ideas are often similar and there were times when ideas appeared in the gaming world or television series that mirrored aspects of my Legacy background, forcing sudden name changes and re-writes.

Legacy sample

If you enjoy the concept of Legacy, check out the story “Prerogative” on the following pages. This is a 20,000 word prequel to the Legacy story that deals with the origin of one crew in the story and the effects of the Chaos plague.

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